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the best elevator design

DigiPara Liftdesigner consists of predefined elevator parameters , component structure and elevator logic.

It combines all the important elevator information to quickly design 2D and 3D elevator drawings.

Liftdesigner is a separate Windows Application and requires no other CAD Program.


Create a new DigiPara Lift designer project within a few clicks:

the ShaftWizard will produce a complete 3D elevator model.

Easily define the shaft width and depth by adding pockets,

changing car dimensions or exchanging the door package.

You can design any shaft size and any dimension can be reached.

It supports new projects as well as modernizations.

While creating your 2D drawing, Liftdesigner supports by default a 3D view for visualization


Configure Fermator doors. Install the Fermator door in your elevator model. Export 2D and 3D Fermator models.


download liftdesigner 2018

download liftdesigner 2018 and 2020


Software at various levels from beginner to ultra-advanced for all those who are active in the field of elevators.




    Drawing Full Automation

    Extend 3D BIM Library

    ۳D BIM Library

    Own 3D CAD Models for BIM

    BIM Component Product Loading

    Photo realistic 3D Visualization


    Excel File Automation

    Export to 3D STEP,xml,pdf,dwg,emf,3d dwg,dwf,stp,sat,pov,ifc,ldbim

    ۳D LDBIM Export

    Cabin Configurator

    Drawing Languages

    Escalator designer

    Common Escalator 3D BIM Library

Supplier BIM Libraries

    Common Components from the 3D BIM Library

    Fermator Door Configurator

    Shaft Groups


download liftdesigner 2018


 Bim & Cad Automation edition

for 10 users (10 systems)


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